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Do you realise that with the right planning and organization that it's just as easy to:

Start Your-Own-Empire 

As it is to start a small business

Not only is it easy: 

It Has To Be Easy!!!

Dear Potential Empire Builder,

Do you have an hobby or interest you would like to turn into an extra income?

Or maybe you want a ready made business in a box program to join!

Either way.... Its not going to be an easy task to get started!

Sorry, I dont mean to put you off,  but honestly, have you ever concidered what's involved?, the pitfalls, the struggle, the hard work and the very long hours and personal sweat that goes into starting even a small home-based business?

There are many and varied things to consider when turning a present hobby into a fully fledged profitable home-based business - from planning and organization (many fail at this first hurdle) to advertising and marketing, book keeping and accounting, not forgetting supplying the end product or service to your customers.

And these are just the basic's that need addressing before you even think of selling a product or service to the public.

But don't fret just yet! because the purpose of this web page is to supply you with ALL...

The Tools To Create Your-Own-EMPIRE

My name is Stephen Hawkins, founder of the your-own-empire opportunity, an opportunity that assists every home-working enthusiast, hobbyist and small business start-up entrepreneurs by supplying the tools needed to Start Your-Own-Empire Right Now. 

If you ever doubted your abilities to start your own small home-based business never mind your-own-empire,  then please, let me assure you, this service is exactly what you need.

We've missed nothing out, heres a brief of the tools we supply:

  • A detailed 3 level empire building program

  • A 3 tier collection of empire building tools

  • A front-end/back-end marketing collection of online products and services

  • A collection of integrated affiliate programs

  • A program to integrate your own product or service - PLUS Much More

Are You Ready To Start Building?

We have put together a collection of front-end product/service websites that enable you to integrate your product or service website into the main network.

That means you use our specially designed tools to tell your customers about your-own-website that is fully integrated into Your-Own-Empire of websites.

We have gone to great expense in creating this unique collection of services to help you make your dreams a reality. Whatever your hobby or interest you can easily integrate your own product group or service with the 4eLife Your-Own-Empire Network, or you may simply want to make money from one of our existing site modules, the choice is yours.

Okay, how much does this service cost?

Your probably thinking "How much?" To be honest everyone has different goals, needs, dreams and desires which is why we decided to make this opportunity absolutely free of charge. However, all applicants must be prepared to order one of our hosting packages starting at $3.89 per month. Plus a setup fee of $29.99. The setup fee covers the cost of all of the beginning training tools and is only charged to make sure that we have only the serious minded registering though the your-own-empire opportunity.

There are also various requirements/task and projects that must be completed after joining which are simple to do. Plus full guidance is offered to members.

Oh sure, your just another website hosting company  -- gee, some empire?

We have to administer the opportunity and continually promote, improve and build the company - and we would be lying if we didn't acknowledge that your-own-empire gets us some hosting business. However, we have and stick to, our primary goal or mission -- To help ordinary people achieve THEIR Dreams and Ambitions by supplying the required tools products and services necessary for Their SUCCESS. To Turn Ordinary People into Extraordinary People.

So how does give you your-own-empire?

In simple terms, you are free to use any one or all of our main up-front services as an income base until you have developed your own product or service group, whatever that may be. You can then concentrate on marketing your own business only if you wish but we hope you will market your own business Up-Front and use your-own-empire network as your Back-End bringing you additional income to your main business. However, as previously mentioned there are responsibilities and tasks that require your participation throughout the program.

There's almost nothing more difficult than starting and running your own business on your own from scratch

Can you think of anything worse than having to go it alone when you could be one of many ordinary people (actually we think people are extraordinary) all working together in a miriad of ways for their own success and life achievements. Starting at just $3.89 per month?

We Care About Your Success

Let's face it 99.9% of all business opportunities want your money. They offer little compensation for the work your expected to do to build THEIR Business. Not all, but many will go to great lengths to seperate you from your money. And they will never look back or think twice about your position. Until their next product or service needs marketing. Usually within a short space of (planned) time of you taking on the first product/service or opportunity. Additional costs to you.

Your-Own-Empire was created to serve a need, a growing need within the population. Everyday thousand's loose their jobs to a machine that does the same job either quicker or slower. It does'nt matter. The end result is that it does that job cheaper, so you get thrown on the scrap heap. If this hasn't happened to you already realize that " One Day It Will". It could be 1, 2, 5 or 10 years down the line but it will happen. There is no loyalty in business. Money Talks.

Thousands of people attempt to start their own business and build their own empire everyday throughout the world and the statistics prove that only 20% make it through their first five years and only 20% of those make it to their 10th year. This is mainly because we are taught to compete against each other - we are divided! and divided we will fall? - BUT... What if we stuck together? What if we worked together? Just one success could take thousands of people to success and completely bypass the 80/20 rule.

You can get started today for just $3.89 and you will receive all of the tools to begin for free. 

To begin your journey into success and personal achievement, just click the link below to receive our 7 part eZine that explains everything you need to know in an easy to follow, easy to understand format. Before you part with one penny of your hard earned money, we want to make sure your the kind of person were looking for to take Your-Own-Empire into the next level of success. Register right away and begin to build your-own-empire.

I truly hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. This opportunity has proved wildly popular, and we have limited places in your area, so if you'd like to start building your-own-empire, register to receive our 7 part eZine Below.

Thank you for your time.

Stephen Hawkins Founder


P.S: Remember nobody likes to have to say to themselves 2-3 years down the road, "If only i'd reckognized the opportunity". (This is a ground floor opportunity - meaning it is the beginning) Don't let it pass you by, even if you don't yet have a product or service). 


Free 7 Part eZine
Please Click The Link Below and fill in the form to receive the Your-Own-Empire 7 Part eZine. 

P.S.Everything in your future life is based on the decisions you make right now! If you decide right now that this is a waste of time and that it will result in your downfall then IT WILL! If you decide right now that this is the only REAL Opportunity that exists and that will make you fabulously wealthy then IT WILL. That is the true meaning of "You get out what you put in" (those words do not mean that you get out what you put in physically! (when you work your guts off) When as working hard ever produced massive wealth?) Put in belief that it will work for you and it most definitely will. We really do create our own reality through what we believe qand act upon.

EVERYTHING boils down to a choice, a decision. A BELIEF. Believe it will and It WILL.

Finally... The beginning of an empire works out most profitable for those who get in right at the beginning before the birth takes place. PRE Birth. Get in now before its too late!

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