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Adding SEO to Your Web Traffic Generating Content

Traffic is the bloodline of all Internet Businesses. There is not a single website that can survive without any visitors. In order to generate more sales and make more money you need quality traffic. And that traffic is best received by working on the content that drives it.

Aside from making sure that your product is of an high quality, you also need to massively expose your sales page to your targeted audience.

Owning your traffic is essential to your longevity on the Internet, because if you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own your business.

If you are already the owner of a website, and you are looking for a way to get more traffic without spending any money, you may want to look into the following quick and easy ways to boost your traffic for free.


Link Power

Getting relevant, solid reciprocal links that lead to your site can help you to increase your web traffic from people who click on the links. Reciprocal links also play a big role in boosting your search engine rankings. Presuming that they are DoFollow links and from the highest page ranked sites possible.

When one website features another website’s link, the two provide each other with the traffic that either one site generates. The efforts are twice more beneficial since it looks like you are both working to generate more traffic. The more links that you trade with different related sites, the more traffic you should expect. But of course these must be relevant sites.


Viral Content

Through viral marketing you can spread the word about your company and product without any or at least minimal costs. This marketing method can be quite sneaky. You can attach your product’s link to a video, image or article and submit it to social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and article directories, image directories and more.

By using this method, people get so infected with the creativity and entertainment value of the medium that they then pass it on to other people and friends who again pass it on to their friends. Viral marketing makes use of the tendency of a person to share something in order to find information, entertainment or amusement.


SEO Again?

There can’t be an article or blog post about web traffic without at least mentioning SEO, and although I don’t believe that anyone should rely to any degree on someone else’s business (search engines) for their own success, there is no use in denying that seo should form a part of every website owners traffic generation system. Search engines are the most widely used tool for people to find sites containing information of the product/information they want and so being the first point of possible contact with your potential visitors it stands to reason that you should invest a little time into seo.

Most of the people that use search engines tend to use only the top ten results in the first page. Managing to make it to the first page, more so to the top three, is a barometer of a website’s success in SEO. It is very essential to hold on to that spot and try to make your ranking even better, constantly over short, medium and long term periods.


1st Steps: SEO

The first step to seo is to develop an seo rich content website and use proper relevant keywords or keyword phrases in the content. Having the right keyword and keyword phrase is a requirement for ranking high in the search engine results.

You can either write your own content, or hire someone else to do it. By using the most relevant keywords you can also target the market that you intend to promote too.


Article Content

Writing articles and submitting them to article directories can also generate traffic to your website and should also be highly relevant and be seo optimized to get your seo system and development working.

If for example you are selling motorcycle parts, write press releases and articles about the parts that you are promoting. Attach your site’s description and services at the end, and don’t forget to put your website’s link.

I am no seo expert but it stands to reason also that you include your keywords in your article titles and within the body too.

Then the more directories you submit to, the more exposure you will get and the more traffic you generate.


Forum Content

You can also join related forums and contribute your ideas and also show your expertise and credibility. All of which should again use the basic seo techniques if and where possible. Over time people will start trusting you and your website will be passed on to others as a trustworthy one. Your popularity along with your traffic will then increase, because people will know that they can find what they want with you as well as trust your opinion.


The Word Of Mouth Effect

If people are aware of what you and your services are about, you will have a loyal traffic flow that can provide you with even more traffic through word-of-mouth, dependent of course on the quality of content that you distribute throughout the internet to start with.

If you have managed to arouse the curiosity of your customers, they will be pushed to help you with the traffic.

Offer your visitors newslettersto build your list through opt-in subscriptions in order to make your visitors stay with you for as long as possible.

People love to receive free things, so try offering free e-books or reports. If you are able to give away some valuable information stored in an e-book or a report, you build loyalty and trust and eventually more visitors through word of mouth. Eventually.

There are so many other methods to get free traffic. The best free traffic guides are very easy to find, and are very effective when adopt presuming that you take the ideas they contain and begin to build seo rich content that brings the traffic to you.


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