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Why US - Why Choose 4eLife Hosting Services?

Before you can make an Informed Decision, you need to be informed.

You need to learn about the basic fundamental hosting facts. To make an Informed Decision Based on what is good for YOU let us first look at website hosting in general. 

The First Step - Should be - An examination of what is on offer That You May Not Need!

Do You Need

The only reason you would want unlimited web space at all, is if you were not looking for a suitable place to host your website in the first place - and infact required A FILE SERVER to store your documents. Large zip files and video files for example.

On the other hand, you possibly required unlimited website space to backup all of your existing websites or data - again a FILE SERVER should be your choice in such cases.

How Much Disk Space Do You Really Need?

4-500 text files would use approximately 1mb of space and a small to medium sized website would not require more than 10-25 mb of space. A database would need a little more but this all depends on your requirements and the size of your planned growth. 

Lot's of large uncompressed images can take up a lot of space.

100-250 mb space is enough to get started - and build a good-sized website (10 - 25 mb) with lots of optimized images. (Large images are slow to load and not suitable for websites, unless those images where photos intended for customers/visitors to download. In such a case, you should optimize your images to save actual download time).

Website images should be approximately 80kb in size or maybe just a little more.

The POINT Being:

KNOW What You Want Your Website Hosting For in the First Place. This will better help you determine the requirements of the website space you actually need. A good sized, growing forum or blogs would probably require just 100 - 250 mb web space (6-10 for the website and the rest for images and database) so to choose an option because it had unlimited web space may not be to your best advantage. We recommend you to start small and upgrade, as you need to. 

4eLife Hosting Provide Several Upgrade Add-on Options

Quality Matters:

4eLifeHosting advocate QUALITY so to rush a project, which deters you from quality is nonsensical and will ultimately detract from Your Primary Aim of: visitors visiting and revisiting your site. 

So DETERMINE Your ACTUAL Needs (not imagined ones) is the order of the day.

A Real Life Example:

To demonstrate disk space usage please view the links below to see the disk space used for these sites.

It is clear from the demonstrations/links above that you only require more than 500-1024 mb web space when you begin to grow your enterprise and are beyond the developing and testing stage.

An overnight success is someone who has spent 5 years or more preparing.

Do You Need UNLIMITED Bandwidth?

Again, as with web space the only reason you would require a massive amount of bandwidth was if you were going to show large files, video files for instance and have many users. 

This is why we recommend starting small so that YOU Know EXACTLY what Your Bandwidth and Web space Requirement's Are? - No one can tell you this - You need to find out the numbers for yourself depending on your initial estimated requirements and the experience you gain from your first step.

Thousands of visitors to a standard webpage would require very little bandwidth as apposed to sites such as youtube who where supplying millions of videos to millions of people all over the world all day and night in every country possible.

Again, we recommend starting with approximately 2-5 GB, which may or may not get used? Once you know exactly what you are using you may wish to add an Upgrade to Your Package. 

4eLifeHosting recommend knowing what your requirements are through estimation, practical application and experience before upgrading to 5, 10, and 50, 100 GB or more bandwidth or web space.

Monitoring your daily bandwidth through your 4eLife Hosting Control Panel will give you extra clues to increase the successful growth of your website. E.g., when is your busiest time? Knowing your website intimately is Very Highly Recommended.

The POINT Being:

Determine your bandwidth needs by how many users/visitors your web space receives. Only experience can tell you this. 

Thousands of visitors to your website daily can mean very little in terms of bandwidth that again is determined by the size of the files you are delivering to your visitors and how many visitors you are serving. 

Starting Small Encourages You To Gain Intimate Knowledge of Your Own Activities - Your Website and The Possibilities - Leading To Bigger & Better Success.

From what we have mentioned so far, it is easy to see that unlimited web space and bandwidth really means nothing and is either:

  • Not Required - And....
  • Shows your web host is not interested in YOUR Enterprise.

This all detracts you from thinking about what you actually need and what you want to achieve with it - which are the fundamentals of creating a successful website in the first place. 

We live in a world of More is better, but is it? Is it really better? - Only if it enhances your understanding of your own enterprise can it be better.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! e.g. If you have 100 users and are using 5 GB of bandwidth you know what your bandwidth need's to be to serve 200, 500, 1000 or more user's?

So again, you can clearly see that unlimited web space and bandwidth is not what you should be looking for in your hosting solution - unless a massive amount of space is your requirement.

You should therefore NOT base Your Decision on How Much You Are Getting from the hosting company as far as bandwidth and space are concerned.

STEP ONE: Is therefore to decide how much disk space you need to setup a starter site/s - test its functionality, as well as the response regarding the number of visitors you receive followed by the bandwidth used to serve those visitors.

Programmed For YOUR Success!

Hosting Solutions

With the exception of more complicated scripts and programming languages that require specific settings to function a specific way - there are set in place standards as far as scripting language's and server settings are concerned.

PHP Scripts for instance usually work with the default settings unless as mentioned, the script requires a set of specific modules or settings to function. You can install modules from your 4eLife Hosting Control Panel.

PHP, Pearl, Python, and Ruby for example are pretty much standard on today's hosting web server's and are normally provided as a fundamental standard - along with MySQL Database and eMail Functions.

You should however always check with the script provider on the "System Requirements Page" of their website - then you can check with the web hosting company by submitting a ticket to make sure that your script will run correctly on the hosting server.

You may find answers to your questions regarding server setup within the 4eLife Frequently Asked Questions Section Here. You may also find valuable information in the knowledgebase, or you may wish to try the 4eLife Forums.

The Standard to work with then is:
  • Know What You Need From Your Hosting Provider.
  • Know What Your Hosting Provider - Provides (settings).

A web host would know what their settings are so just ask them what you require regarding a particular script.

Tell us what your requirements are and 4eLife Hosting will tell you if we are a suitable host. 

The Buffet is OPEN!

Viewing the array of website hosts is like going to a buffet or carvery. You can eat as much as you want - but it is not necessarily all good for you!

It Is Still True That: It is Not What You Do - It is The Way That You Do It.

WOW, That's Cheap!

Making Your Decision Based on Price Is NOT the Way to Go!

Having discovered your web space and bandwidth requirements your enterprise needs as well as the requirements of the scripts you plan on installing you should consider the price.

To go for the cheapest option available is not the way to go. Going for a hosting package that is unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited domains, unlimited this that and the other - plus It's Cheap is bound to work against you sooner or later in the end results you receive. You will most likely get no real personal help from such companies.

Is YOUR Enterprise Worth the Effort?

Your best efforts require that you begin by knowing the numbers - regarding disk space, bandwidth and projected traffic. You can only do this by starting small and experiencing the reality of what your specific numbers are telling you.

Right ACTION Start's With RIGHT Thought!

You can only perform the right actions from the foundation of right thoughts, examination & preparation - Enabling you to make The RIGHT, Informed Decision.

Cheapest is NOT Better - better/right for you is not necessarily cheapest - sometimes less really IS MORE! - More improved standards and results from YOU.

owever, hosting is cheap. Anything between £1 and £5-10 per month is affordable/cby just about anyone's standard.

What lays within that price bracket you could possibly find what you need and what is right for you - as a starting point - "YOUR FIRST STEP".  You can then build, develop and test enterprise activities and sites to enable you to find exactly what your web hosting requirements are and what you need to do to accomplish your medium and long-term objectives - without wasting your resources.

You may then realize that step one, The Starting Point - has all of the entire requirement for you to operate your enterprise efficiently until you need to upgrade your package. 

OK, this is Good Stuff! - What Should I Base My Decision On?

After you have realized you web space, bandwidth and other start-up requirements along with how much you are willing to pay for the solution, and which packages are suitable for you to achieve your objectives - what should you base your final decision on? 

The answer is twofold - but primarily your Final Decision should be determined by....


In normal circumstances any other hosting companies advantage to you lies in the fact that you get unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails etc. They may then add good support, but the support operates within certain unalterable restraints.

After the In-Place support, you are on your own. 

4eLife Hosting is more than a hosting company. We want you to succeed in whatever enterprise you undertake whether that is a hobby, interest, forum or blogs, small, medium or large business you will benefit from 4eLife Hostings 4 Advantage System.

Advantage ONE:     

A FREE Business Search Directory Listing To Link To Your Website!


4eLifeHosting Provide a FREE Search Directory Listing to help generate more traffic to your website. 

Advantage TWO:      

4eLifeHosting Offer An In-House Website Building Service!


4eLifeHosting web Building Services apply to hobbyists and business customers. See the link below for more details.


Advantage THREE:

4eLifeHosting Offer An In-House OPTIMIZATION Service For Your Website!


4eLifeHosting will: Optimize Track and Enhance Your Website, develop and make subtle changes to it over a 12-month period.

Advantage FOUR:       

4eLifeHosting Offer The Entire Standard Web Hosting Options! 


No matter which hosting provider you choose, you will receive a standard in "settings available" to you with small variations in each. Ask Us What You Need To Start,  What You Want to Start and how you wish to develop and we will respond accordingly and provide initial options and choices.

These Four 4eLife Hosting Advantages will greatly enhance your website exposure and will of course enhance any other efforts you make to promote your website.

All of these advantages are to help you on a more personal level than any other website hosting company to gain more traffic. Although no guarantees can be made (If someone tells you or advertises to you that they can get you in the top 10 20 or 100 they are being dishonest). Only millions of pounds invested in advertising can do that.

This Is Our Commitment to You - 
To Help You Create Enhance & Optimize Your Website!

Only by: asking and finding answers to the questions discussed here can you Intelligently:

4eLife Hosting Services Provide What is RIGHT for YOU! 

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